Lady MacDuff


'Lady Macduff'. She is wealthy but earthy and a mother, she is vulnerable and a victim in this dark play, Her costume is made up from local Highland dyes and she has dyed wool embellishing her dress and in her hair. Lady Macduff contrasts Lady Macbeth being more natural and of a less avaricious nature...This production focuses on Macbeths ambition and the Witches profound influences on Macbeths destruction.

Marbling with oil inks and finished with pen and inks.

The original is 41 cm wide X 48 cm height and comes in a black frame with a double mount in white and black. This series of colourful marbled designs with their powerful imagery will bring style to any room. If you are interested in purchasing more than one picture from the series of marbled designs. please email me for further information and bulk purchasing offers at:


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